Markets We Serve

We have been privileged to perform turnkey LED lighting upgrades for a long list of commercial clients. Typically, we have serviced large-scale business operations with multiple locations nationwide. While we are happy to work with companies in just about any industry, most of our clients come from one of the following key markets:

Educational Facilities

School districts, colleges, and universities must balance tight operating budgets while creating a healthy and effective learning environment for their students. An LED lighting upgrade will lower annual energy expenses while also boosting environmental aesthetics for students and teachers alike. Hemma Lighting has the expertise to provide reliable and cost-effective lighting upgrades, whether it is for a large facility, an entire school campus, or a district-wide retrofit.

Retail Stores and Restaurants

A single restaurant or retail store may feature hundreds of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. Newer technology allows for opportunities to take advantage of daylight harvesting and occupancy sensors. By minimizing unnecessary light usage, we are able to reduce your operating costs, create a new look for your business, and improve your customer’s shopping or dining experiences.

Healthcare Facilities

Quality lighting is a fundamental aspect of any workspace, but is particularly critical for hospitals, medical laboratories, and doctor’s offices due to the impact it can have on performance and safety. An LED upgrade from Hemma Lighting will reduce your medical facility’s energy and maintenance costs, and provide doctors, nurses, and technicians with improved visual acuity at the same time.

Property Management Companies

Outdoor and indoor lighting often accounts for a third or more of a building’s total energy use, particularly if your buildings operate at a high number of hours each day. LEDs will last longer and generate much less heat while doing so. This eliminates the need for regular upkeep and replacement. An LED lighting upgrade from Hemma Lighting significantly reduces energy and maintenance costs at a property management company with extensive burn hours.

Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

Factories and other industrial facilities need quality lighting to keep their employees safe. LED lighting produces clearer, brighter light compared to standard incandescent lighting, helping production workers to see better on the job and stay alert, preventing accidents. Our turnkey LED lighting packages are ideal for factories, warehouses, distribution centers, telecom/data hosting centers, R & D buildings, showrooms, or virtually any industrial use.

Federal, State and Municipal Governments

Government entities, whether on the federal, state or municipal level, manage several different kinds of facilities, from administration buildings, courthouses and correctional facilities, to military bases, police stations and post offices. One of the biggest expenses in the management of any of these types of facilities is electricity usage. Switching to LED lighting is an excellent way to significantly lower utility bills.

Energy Service Companies (ESCOs)

Most ESCOs have a range of clients, including schools, government agencies, agricultural enterprises, warehouses, industrial factories, single and multi-family residences, and more. ESCOs provide various services to their customers to help them cut down on their energy costs. If you manage an ESCO, Hemma Lighting will customize an LED upgrade for you that will allow you to achieve your cash flow objectives and energy/maintenance requirements, and keep your clients happy.

Ready to upgrade your business to LED?

In recent years, increasing numbers of businesses have been switching to LED lighting. Here at Hemma Lighting Solutions, we’ve seen this trend first-hand. LED lighting is no longer considered just a “novelty” or an “alternative” form of lighting, but is now commonly used in factories and warehouses, parking structures, schools, hospitals, retail facilities, and more.

These are some of the top benefits of upgrading to LED lighting:

  • LED lighting uses significantly less energy than conventional lighting and can save up to 70 percent of a company’s energy output.
  • LED bulbs last up to 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs, while offering a sharper, more vibrant light quality.
  • Compared to traditional light bulbs, LED bulbs contain fewer hazardous chemicals.
  • LED bulbs are 100 percent recyclable, making them much more eco-friendly.

If you’re considering an LED lighting upgrade for your company, give us a call. We offer high quality, cost-effective lighting solutions for all industries. Whether you’re a retailer, industrial supply company, a property management firm or anything in between, we can help you. Your company’s success becomes our top priority when you work with us.

We can provide you with the services and solutions you need to reduce the energy costs in your facilities and improve or update your lighting. We offer the full range of LED lighting products and can assist you with your selection of fixtures and designs.

To schedule an initial lighting consultation for your commercial enterprise, please give us a call at (770-847-8188) or fill out our online request form. If you don’t see your industry listed above, you’re still more than welcome to contact us. We’ll help you determine if a LED lighting upgrade makes sense for your business.