What Hemma Lighting Can Do for You

Hemma’s lighting upgrade services include everything from designing and installing your new lighting system to the disposal of old fixtures and assistance with warranties and rebates. We’ll take care of all these complicated tasks for you, without disrupting your day-to-day operations in the process. You can remain focused on running your business, while we get the project done in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Lighting Audit

Each lighting project we implement starts with an investment grade audit (IGA). One of our auditors will schedule a visit to your facility and evaluate your present lighting system, analyze your current energy use, and estimate the savings you can expect from a Hemma Lighting upgrade. This will provide you with insight into the current state of your present lighting system and will help us work together to develop a plan that will best meet your specific lighting needs.

Return on Investment Analysis

We will provide you with a comprehensive return on investment (ROI) analysis. To determine your ROI, our team will compare the utility and maintenance expenses of your current lighting system with the costs and savings of our proposed upgrade. You will receive a complete financial analysis of the project, including the annual energy savings from the Hemma system, annual maintenance savings, payback in years, and total savings over the life of the upgrade. In most cases, an LED lighting upgrade pays for itself within 3 to 7 years once all savings have been calculated and accounted for.

Lighting Design and Fixture Selection

Every commercial facility and office space has unique lighting requirements. Accordingly, there is no “one size fits all” lighting solution. We match your priorities with the most cost-effective and energy-efficient lighting options for your facility, creating a solution custom designed to your needs. Whether your primary concern is adding a layer of security or safety to your premises, reducing your utility bills, or simply enhancing your office aesthetics, we will assist you in selecting the right lighting to meet your desires and needs, all while staying under budget.

Project Management

Throughout the process of your lighting upgrade, we will appoint a dedicated project manager who will oversee all aspects of the project. Your project manager’s goal is to preserve your time and keep the focus on your business. Serving as your primary contact point for up to date information, your project manager will focus on several key areas:

We order all products and materials for the upgrade, oversee the delivery, and ensure the project remains on schedule. We will select only the best and most appropriate products for your specific requirements while staying under budget.

Our team of highly-skilled electricians and lighting technicians will carry out all aspects of the installation. We will complete the job on schedule and to the highest standards possible.

  • To protect your time and keep you concentrating on what you do best we will be happy to perform our work during “off shifts” if necessary (e.g., 2nd or 3rd shifts or Saturdays) so that we don’t interfere with your normal business operations.

Once complete, we will provide you with all the necessary operation and maintenance manuals for your new system, and we’re always just a call away if you have a question.

With any lighting replacement project, there is always the potential for hazardous waste.

As you know, the owner of a facility is responsible for proof of proper disposal of any hazardous materials.

When you contract with Hemma Lighting, we handle all aspects of the upgrade for you and haul away all discarded bulbs, ballasts, lamps, and other materials to an EPA-approved recycling center, relieving you of the stress that comes with this process.

Your office will receive an official “certificate of recycling” that identifies the type and quantity of waste and that it has been properly disposed.

To help you get the most out of your new lighting investment, we investigate all possible rebates, incentives, and tax breaks available to you as a result of your energy-conscious decision.

  • We can even tailor your project with current incentives to maximize your savings. Be sure to ask about this key benefit of Hemma’s services.

We are also  happy to manage the approval process and file all the paperwork with the appropriate federal, state, and local governments offering these tax credits.

In the unlikely event that you have any issues with an aspect of your upgrade, we will act as an intermediary between you and the product manufacturer to make things right as quickly as possible. This service includes filing warranty claims, ordering replacement products, and arranging and overseeing their installation. Even if it has been a number of years since our installation, we won’t leave you in the dark!


To ensure your complete satisfaction, we initiate follow up meetings with you to confirm your system is running properly and meets your expectations.

Learn More About How We can Improve your Productivity and Cost Efficiency – Give Us a Call!

Let our professionals serve and put their knowledgeable counsel to work for you as you consider a productive and energy efficient lighting upgrade. One of our lighting specialists will be happy to investigate your facility for cost-saving opportunities. To start the process, give us a call at 770-847-8188 or fill out our online request form to reserve our next open date for an on-site analysis.

Our goal is to make your transition to LED lighting affordable, easy, and hassle-free!